I have had many sessions of Alexander Technique over the years, but for me Philippa has been the most successful tutor. She has a way of painting pictures with words that clearly illustrate the point she is making. She has an extremely calm, gentle way of working, and recognises what a challenge it is for us to change behaviours that are strongly ingrained in us. Through her teaching I have become much more able to address my posture in many situations.

Although I know that I have improved, and have incorporated the Alexander Technique into my daily life, I know that it is a commitment I have to make to myself in order to help my neck and back problems. However, I intend to keep having top-up lessons with Philippa in order to re-connect with the Technique and to keep myself moving on. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Philippa to anyone new to the Alexander Technique or who has previous experience of it. [K.L.]

My job involves working full-time at a computer, and I had sessions of Alexander technique to deal with recurring pain in my shoulder due to work. Sessions were targeted at improving my general posture and body management, but Philippa also dealt with some the issues that were specific to my problem. The pain and discomfort in my shoulder was gradually eliminated, along with a whole range of minor niggles which have not recurred since. My working position is now much more comfortable and I am able to manage my posture and working habits to avoid the effects of tension.

I found the sessions very relaxing and generally beneficial to my well-being, and my posture was noticeably improved. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, particularly for people that have any discomfort associated with posture or repetitive strain. [C.S.]

Philippa has an instinctive understanding of the Alexander Technique, and the gift of communicating it directly. She is an active musician, so she combines her Alexander training with first hand experience of the physical demands on the vocalist and instrumentalist. She offers practical techniques and advice on avoiding tension, strain and injury. She also has gentle hands and a welcoming and friendly manner…. I would certainly recommend her Alexander sessions to anyone. [B.L.]

Alexander lessons with Philippa have had a dramatic impact on my life. I feel I have been invited – in a gentle and kindly way – to reassess how I think and act. Philippa has a real gift for communicating her understanding of Alexander’s remarkable teaching, explaining the principles of ‘good use’ with clarity and sensitivity.

Rather than imagining mind and body as separate entities, I am encouraged through the simple ‘exercises’ and Philippa’s insightful, caring guidance, to view them as parts of the ‘self’, allowing me to undo old habits and become more mindful and self-aware. The health benefits of this increased self-awareness and mindfulness are innumerable: besides doing wonders for my energy levels and self-confidence, I had no idea that chronic conditions as diverse as asthma, repetitive strain injury, plantar fasciitis and stammering could all be treated through Alexander Technique. [P.H.]

Philippa Bull | Alexander Technique teacher in the Oban area, Argyll
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