The Alexander Technique is over 100 years old and there is plenty of information available in books or online about the technique and its originator, F. M. Alexander. Here are a few links to start you off (click on a title to visit – each link opens in new tab):


STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)
Website of the main UK organisation for the Alexander Technique, containing lots of useful information

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
A detailed and thorough guide with links to many resources

52 Reasons to Try the Alexander Technique
An easy-to-read summary of the benefits of the technique, with links to various studies.

How the Alexander Technique can enhance learning and performance under pressure
Link to podcast, of particular interest to musicians and other performers


Short film about the Alexander Technique British Medical Journal Back Pain Study, highlighting the benefits of the Alexander Technique:

Youtube has many videos showing Alexander Technique teachers giving lessons. Here is one example, a recent lesson given by Anthony Kingsley, a London teacher:

Documentary about the Alexander Technique, including biography and footage of F M Alexander:


The Use of the Self
F. M. Alexander’s classic book about the experiments which led to the development of the technique

Body Learning
An easy and informative introduction to the Alexander Technique, written by Michael Gelb

Indirect Procedures
This a newer edition of the first book I read about the Alexander Technique – a great guide especially if you are a musician

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