What to expect in a lesson

An Alexander Technique session is called a ‘lesson’ as it is an active learning experience rather than a therapy given to the client while they are passive. In an Alexander Technique lesson you will be guided and instructed, both verbally and with gentle non-invasive touch, as to how to move and rest in an easier, more balanced, pain-free way. The Alexander Technique is a holistic approach, so for example if there is a painful area in one part of the body (eg shoulder or lower back) or you have breathing difficulties a lesson won’t concentrate on this in isolation but instead as part of the whole body-mind ‘system’. Through attending to the whole system, in particular the relationship between the head, neck and back, there will be a beneficial effect on the individual parts.

Similarly, if you come to the Alexander Technique as a musician, actor, dancer or sportsperson and you are looking to enhance your skills and potential, we will always start in the same way as above, by paying attention to the whole and then gradually exploring more specific activities.

A lesson lasts 45 minutes, during which I will guide you in standing, sitting, walking and other kinds of movement; also there will be times when I will ask you to lie on a massage table while I move your head and limbs. There is no homework for you to do in between lessons although you will be encouraged to keep being aware, as far as you can, about how you are using yourself and to apply what you have learnt to your everyday activities.

When you come for a lesson you will be asked to remove your shoes and any bulky coat, hat, scarf etc, but otherwise no further undressing will be required! It’s best if you wear comfortable informal clothing, nothing tight or restrictive.

Where I teach

Currently, due to the Covid-19 situation, I am able to offer lessons only at my home in Taynuilt, in which I have a spacious and quiet dedicated teaching room.

Taynuilt is easily accessed by bus or train, or of course you can come by car if convenient for you.

Days and times vary – if you would like to book a lesson we can then arrange a convenient time for you.


The price per 45 minute lesson is £30.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more or would like to book a lesson.

Philippa Bull | Alexander Technique teacher in the Oban area, Argyll
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