Philippa Bull

I am a qualified Alexander Technique teacher having completed a three-year full-time STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) training course in Kendal, Cumbria. I graduated and began teaching in 2010.

I first became interested in the Alexander Technique when I was living in Argyll in the early 2000s. I was working as a web developer at the time, spending many hours in front of a computer, and also playing a lot of music, on instruments including fiddle and drumkit. I found that I was starting to suffer increasingly from neck, shoulder and back pain, and felt that this was limiting me, and at the same time I realised that it must be something that I was doing to myself which was causing these problems.

I had heard about the Alexander Technique years ago, so I began to look into it again, researching online and reading books. I also had two lessons from two teachers who were visiting Argyll, and who both worked in Kendal. These lessons had a profound effect on me and I decided I needed to investigate further.

To cut a longer story short, my partner and I moved down to Kendal, Cumbria at the end of 2006 so that I could train to be an Alexander Technique teacher at the STAT-moderated Fellside Centre school there. The intensive three-year course was very largely (80%) practical-based supplemented with theory. Quite early on during the first year of the course the pain in my neck, shoulder and back became a thing of the past and has not troubled me since. Over the course of the three years I also found myself calmer and more able to respond to everyday challenges in a measured way rather than react hastily and unskillfully. In addition I found I could play music more openly and creatively with less sense of limitation, and was able to take on a leadership role in performance, with increasing confidence and lack of stage-fright.

We moved back to the Oban area of Argyll in 2019 – a slightly longer stay in the Lake District than we had first intended!

Over the last ten years I have continued to make use of the Alexander Technique in everything I do, whether it’s out walking the dog, working at a computer, playing music, gardening or washing-up; even cleaning my teeth! I recommend it to anyone who wants to live life in a pain-free, calmer and more creative way in everything that they do.

Please do contact me if you would like to find out more and/or you would like to book a lesson in Oban or Taynuilt.

Philippa Bull | Alexander Technique teacher in the Oban area, Argyll
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