Why “everyday freedom”?


We all dream of moments when we could be more free. Maybe it would be standing on the top of a hill gazing at a panoramic view or lying on a soft warm sandy beach with the sound of the sea gently lapping back and forth on the shore. Maybe it would be on a bungee jump or a hang-gliding trip. Maybe it would be during a backpacking adventure or a safari or a cruise. Maybe it’d be singing karaoke or dancing the night away…

What these all have in common is that they are not everyday experiences; also they tend to be future experiences, perfect in our imagination but nothing to do with what is actually going on in our normal daily lives.

Everyday freedom is the kind of freedom you can experience in any situation. Imagine being able to carry out all your regular activities in a calm, light, strain-free, pain-free way. Life would get a whole lot easier and more interesting on a daily basis. You would be able to enjoy normal activities more, be more relaxed, be more receptive to those around you and less prone to react through irritation or anger. You would be more poised and in control, and yet be able to be more care-free and laugh more. In fact, much like you can be on a really good holiday (or a dream holiday!).

By learning the Alexander Technique you can give yourself the chance to have a better time all the time. To experience everyday freedom.

Philippa Bull | Alexander Technique teacher in the Oban area, Argyll
© Philippa Bull 2020

(Image by Sabrina Sölch on Unsplash)

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