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Philippa Bull teaches the Alexander Technique
in the Oban area, Argyll

The Alexander Technique
is a technique you can learn
to help you find
more freedom in everyday life

COVID-19 UPDATE: I am now giving one-to-one lessons again in Taynuilt – taking all possible precautions. Please contact me for details.

Many of us suffer regularly from one or more of the following:

  • General aches and pains
  • Discomfort or feelings of being ill-at-ease, out-of-sorts, limited or trapped
  • Stiff neck, sore shoulders or back pain
  • Stress, strain or anxiety
  • Finding we tire easily
  • Poor ‘posture’
  • Feeling out of breath, hoarseness or asthma
  • Feeling unable to progress well in a chosen activity eg music, acting, dancing, sport
  • Stage-fright or fear of public-speaking
  • Stuttering or other speech difficulty particularly when nervous
  • Migraines or headaches which come on when we are stressed
  • Frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI
  • Age-related issues eg fear of falling, Parkinson’s
  • Life feels difficult, stressful or painful, leading to anxiety and depression

The Alexander Technique can help. It is a gentle way of addressing the root cause of all the above symptoms, allowing the body and mind to be more at ease in everyday situations. It can free you from aches and pains, from stress and anxiety, and even from more debilitating conditions such as repetitive strain injury or stuttering.

Learning the Alexander Technique will help you let go of harmful habits of over-tension, and find a different way of being and moving; a more balanced and comfortable state, physically and mentally. You will find that you can be more fully engaged with the world, while being able to face challenging situations, stand tall and look after yourself whatever life throws at you.

Please explore the website to find out about Philippa and about Alexander Technique lessons, read the Blog posts or dip into Resources such as further reading and videos.

Currently due the to Covid-19 situation I am teaching only in Taynuilt. If you are curious about the Alexander Technique and would like to discover more, or if you would like to book a lesson in Taynuilt, please contact me.

Philippa Bull | Alexander Technique teacher in the Oban area, Argyll
© Philippa Bull 2021

(Image by Konstantin Planinski on Unsplash)